April 1: Connor Dennis Froman is born at 2:08pm on April Fool's Day - weighing 6 lb. 3 oz. and 20" tall. Vanessa goes into labor when John is 3 blocks from his office in Toronto, Canada, causing John to promptly return to the airport, purchase the next flight home for entirely too much money, and make it back just in time!

April 5: Connor leaves the hospital for the first time and breathes the fresh air.

April 6: Connor's first bath!

April 6: Connor's first book!

April 12: Connor's goes out in public for the first time - to our favorite breakfast joint Colonial Cafe.

April 14: Connor celebrates his 2 week birthday with his first trip to Costco!

May 2: Connor gets his 1 month photos.

May 29: Connor's first horse show in Mason, MI.

June 4: Connor says his first word, "towel". At least according to his older brother Collin:)

June 7: Connor weights 11 lb. 3 oz. (50%) and is 22 1/4" tall (25%)

June 26: Connor rolls over from tummy to back for the first time!

July 25: Connor's first giggles

July 30: Connor's first airplane flight to Grandpa's. He eats during take off at 6pm then sleeps the remainder of the 4 hour flight!

August 3: Connor goes in the swimming pool for the first time at Grandpa's condo

August 5: Connor rolls over from back to tummy for the first time!

September 19: Connor starts on solid foods (with rice cereal).

September 20: Connor cuts his first tooth.

October 14: Connor starts crawling!!!

November 20:  Connor is baptized at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Illinois with Godparents Adam and Jayna Newell

December 11:  Connor eats Cheerios for the first time at Colonial Cafe - the same place Collin first ate Cheerios

December 18:  While Grandpa babysits, Connor climbs an entire set of stairs for the first time

March:  Connor says his first word - Mama - followed closely by his second and third words - DaDa and Dog

April 6:  Connor starts walking!

Future: Graduate of Notre Dame, Class of 2032

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