June 24: At his request, Collin spends his first night in a big boy bed! No guesses required what the loud thump was at 11pm, followed by the crying. After some soothing by Mommy though, he slept all the way until 6:30am!

June 25: Collin starts sleeping in a brand new toddler bed to prevent further incidents like the night before!

June 27: Collin has his 2nd birthday party, complete with a cake made of cupcakes, lawn sledding, and a jumpy jump!

July 2: Collin's first bubble bath!

July 3: Collin has his 2-year photos taken.

July 8: Collin counts to 10 correctly for the first time - three times in a row!

July 18: Collin visits Uncle Greg and Aunt Alice in downtown Chicago and heads to Oak Street Beach to build sandcastles

August 8: Collin goes on a boat and even drives the boat for the first time Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin with his friend Ethan

August 22: A Day Out with Thomas with the whole family!

September 6: Collin takes his first big boy shower with Daddy.

September 26: Collin visits Chicagoland icon Kiddieland Amusement Park on it's final weekend

September 26: Collin has his first sleep over at Gavin's house. He wakes up at 5am versus his regular 6:30am wake up time, so Mommy and Daddy will have to think twice about his next sleepover!

October 9: Collin goes to Disneyland!

October 18: Collin carves his first pumpkin

October 20: The allergist confirms Collin is allergic to peanuts :(

October 31: The Frog Prince trick-or-treats on Halloween.

December: Collin's Christmas celebration includes a trip to the Zoo Lights, a train ride to the North Pole and Santa Claus, and of course lots of presents

February 26: Collin goes on the annual Froman/Rochefort family trip to Wisconsin Dells.

March 26: Collin starts potty training!

March 27: Collin's Easter includes a park district egg hunt, a trip to see the Easter Bunny, and egg dying and huting at home.

April 1: Collin becomes a Big Brother!

September 7:  Collin's first day of school!  He attends AM preschool twice a week with 6 other children, including 2 girls and 4 boys - one of whom is his longtime budy Evan!

Future: Graduate of Notre Dame, Class of 2029



Welcome to the home of the Fromans - In loving memory of Karen Melchor Froman.